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Non-Profit Lawyers 

Starting and successfully running a tax-exempt non-profit organization presents special challenges. What is the proper federal tax exemption category for your organization? What is your non-profit’s annual reporting requirements? What do you need to know about salaries and vendor contracts to not run afoul of prohibitions against conferring a private benefit?  Can you sell products and make a profit?  These are the kind of questions faced by non-profit founders, directors, and officers.


Our non-profit lawyers assist individuals to form new organizations, including preparing proper organizational documents and assisting with submission of IRS applications for recognition of 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), or other federal tax exempt status.  We also counsel non-profit clients on corporate governance matters and assist them in maintaining tax-exempt status.  Non-profit governing boards have to be able to recognize the compliance pitfalls and put in place adequate policies and controls to remain compliant with the federal tax-exempt laws.


Our attorneys can help non-profit clients navigate the rules and regulations, including issues regarding fundraising, private inurement, and business income unrelated to exempt purposes.  In addition, as business lawyers we assist non-profit clients with drafting and review of commercial contracts, intellectual property, employment matters, as well as handling business disputes.

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